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Posted by on 13 March 2015 08:48 AM

Thank you for your interest in pursuing graduate studies at SFU. 

A full list of our academic programs can be found here: http://www.sfu.ca/dean-gradstudies/future/academicprograms.html

Our minimum academic requirements for each country are listed on this page: http://www.sfu.ca/dean-gradstudies/future/international-applicants/academic-requirements.html

Please see this page for the application process: http://www.sfu.ca/dean-gradstudies/future/application_process.html

For more general information regarding Graduate Studies at SFU, Scholarships, and for information pertaining to future international students please visit our website here: http://www.sfu.ca/dean-gradstudies/future/international-applicants.html

An estimation of tuition costs and living expenses for graduate programs can be found here: http://www.sfu.ca/dean-gradstudies/new_graduate_students/before_you_arrive/build-budget/Costs.html

Feel free to contact our office if you have any further questions.