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Scholarships & Awards
Posted by on 09 April 2014 12:26 PM

Graduate students are eligible for a variety of financial assistance programs including entrance or continuing scholarships, graduate fellowships, awards, teaching and research assistantships, bursaries and loans. 

Entrance Scholarships
Simon Fraser University offers entrance scholarships to the best incoming graduate students for full-time graduate study or research. Many of these awards Students do not apply for directly. For awards that an application is necessary please see: Private Awards and the Graduate Aboriginal Entrance Scholarship

Current Students
Please see the Award Timeline which lists the major graduate student awards by term of application deadline. The application process for some awards may take weeks or months, so we advise early planning — check for awards that may be due early in the next term.

If you have received an Award
Please see the Award Payments page which will step you through the process of accepting your award and when it will be paid out.

For further information please see the Scholarships and Awards page.